Education & Training

Training is a fundamental part of effective safety and risk management

Understanding how risk and safety affects your events will not only help to potentially reduce the number of incidents and injuries, it may also save your business money by reducing compensation claims and ‘off-work’ injury times.

Beaspoke Safety designs & delivers training solutions that are crafted around the needs of your team and reflect your unique business culture.

For all our training courses we use visual imagery and case studies that really get people thinking about their event and the issues that could potentially happen.

Our goal is to empower your team to understand why safety needs to be part of the everyday process of events, and for them to understand that it is not there to stifle creativity or create more work.


Risk Management - reading and writing of risk assessments

Beaspoke Safety's 'Risk Management' training will help ensure your event / workplace is safe and hazard free by empowering staff to identify potential risks in their environment

Participants will learn about proactively identifying hazards and taking the appropriate step to eliminate possible risks and future incidents.

On conclusion of the training participants will be able to:

  • Understand the entire risk assessment process
  • Be able to utilise and apply the processes learned in a practical manner
  • In-depth knowledge of what the risk assessment process comprises
  • Understanding of the real cost of non-compliance

“Excellent workshop and speaker – very relevant”

Sam Hawkins, Event Manager, La Trobe University

“Excellent Content”

Corinne Maxfield, Event Trainer, NMIT

“Excellent, informative and to the point”

Leigh Sharp, Bendigo Traders Association


'The legal responsibilities of working in events' training course is designed specifically for employees, volunteers and contractors working within the event industry

It covers all facets of health and safety regulations, from the responsibilities of employees, managers, volunteers and contractors to identifying common on-site hazards and maintaining public safety at events.

On conclusion of the training participants will be able to:

  • Explain the health and safety duties of employers, employees, contractors and event organisers
  • Make an objective assessment of the suitability of contractors
  • Identify key documentation required in the event planning process
  • Complete a range of simple safety assessments for venues and activities
  • Conduct basic safety briefings for employee and participants
  • Report any incidents or accidents in an appropriate manner